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The relationship between food packaging and the perception of the food within it has been a long drawn debate. With several studies drawing to light the influence of visual packaging designs on food quality, value and brand preference with consumers. The SugarCane Bagasse Products provides the eco-friendly takeaway facility, as well food serving also. Small delivery options or large, all can conduct by bagasse disposables.
1. No pesticide or fertilizer residue.
2. No leakage or breakage.
3. Superior Production Quality.
4. Faster Decomposition reduces the burden on landfills

Studies show that fresh food and healthy foods when packed using materials that are organic & sustainable increase brand credibility and trust. “ORIGROW” offers a range of Products that is 100% natural,100% biodegradable, well crafted, presentable and Naturally durable food packaging. It’s the best way for takeaway solutions for different kind of food application Restaurants, caterers, bakers and others to enhance The appeal of their food and their brand. “ORIGROW" offers a range of disposable crockery that iis 100% natural,100% biodegradable, well crafted, presentable and naturally durable food packaging and delivery.

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